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Wildlife Awareness Level 2

Wildlife Awareness Level 1 and 2 with use of Inert Bear Spray



Level 1 and 2 – Classroom based. Level 2 with Practical Skills

What would you do if you were to encounter a wild animal during a hike or job activity in the wilderness? Imagine walking down a path and you notice a bear cub along the trail that is a only a few feet away, own . The bear seems occupied while feeding on berries and has not noticed you yet. This unseemingly innocent encounter can quickly unfold into a life and death experience within the next couple of seconds  depending on your actions.

As development is expanding in Bear Country and  across the country, we are encroaching on wildlife and encountering situations that were very rare in previous decades.. While we sometimes find ourselves stumbling upon a wild animal’s home territory, This is encroaching on wild animals home As they become habituated or lack habitat, they have begun   exploring our territory in search of food. The result is more encounters with wildlife that can have severe and dangerous consequences for humans and wildlife species, alike.

Recent attacks in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta have set new requirements to complete a course on Wilderness Awareness. Employers must do a hazard assessment to determine if a danger of a confrontation exists. They would be well advised to train and educate their workers on how to work safely in these environments.

Gain insight into the importance of nature in the Canadian wilderness while focusing on safety. Students will learn to understand animal awareness, how to identify different species of bears, and be prepared in case of a real-life encounter. Level one and part of level two is classroom based.

Group training can be done at your facility. Please contact us to ensure the practical components will meet the course requirements.

Topics include a  a bear awareness component which covers your site how to reduce bear encounters, and how to survive a bear encounter and how to keep your supplies and camp wildlife-resistant, In addition,when you are on the job, particularly in a secluded wilderness area, you may be confronted with wildlife such as cougars, wolves, coyotes, foxes and moose.  Learn avoidance procedures as well as proper reactions to a series of different wildlife and survival techniques.

  • The importance of the Canadian wilderness
  • Use of a hierarchy of controls for wildlife encounters such as proactive controls, behaviour controls, audio controls and contact controls
  • Information about bear ecology and behaviour
  • How to identify bears  signs, species  and prevent encounters
  • How to tell defensive, non-defensive, and predatory behaviours and deal with bear  encounter. Responses to bear encounters
  • The use of  bear spray and other non lethal deterrents in a safe manner. Safe work procedures, storage,transport of aerosaols,use of a holster, SDS sheets, and instruction.

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