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WHMIS 2015 Courses Online and Classroom

What is GHS 2015 WHMIS?

WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is a legal requirement at the workplace. Training in chemical handling and classification, labels on supplier and workplace containers and safety data sheets are requirements for workers exposed to controlled products. The GHS  Globally Harmonized System is an internationally consistent approach to classifying chemicals. Combining the GHS System helps with communicating hazard information though labels and SDSs. The implementation of the GHS in Canada helps to protect human health by providing workers with standardized  information on workplace chemical hazards. It also assists to facilitate international trade through the use of labelling of these dangerous chemicals.

Who needs these courses?

Employers need to understand the WHMIS system and communicate it to employees. Workers may be asked to label controlled products and know where to access the Safety Data Sheets. Suppliers must design the SDS and supply the labels to their clients. All workers need to be trained in WHMIS and the system at their workplace.

We offer Classroom and Online WHMIS programs: 

Online WHMIS Training:

Benefits of online courses are:

  • Do it at your own timeline and in the comfort of your office or home 
  • Save on travel time and being away from your worksite
  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Obtain certification in a quicker timeframe 

3 online WHMIS programs are available

  1. GHS and WHMIS 2015 Online Course – Classroom and Online Safety Classes and Courses 

WHMIS training, classification, labelling, and safety data sheets. GHS system $24.99 About one hour to complete and issues a3 year certificate. A good program, but the shortest and least comprehensive.

2. WHMIS 2015 Online Course – Classroom and Online Safety Classes and Courses – Classroom and Online Safety Classes and Courses

$29.95 About 2 hours to complete and offers a 3 year certificate. A more comprehensive online and GHS program. Slightly more expensive, but likely worth it with an extra hour of coverage.

Emphasis on occupational disease and prevention.

  3. WHMIS 2015 & TDG Bundle online course – Classroom and Online Safety Classes and Courses

$64.98 cost for 2 courses. This is a bulk discount for taking 2 chemical programs. It is likely that you will need the Transportation of Dangerous Goods certificate as well. This is a 4 hour presentation in total, covering 2 separate programs. There is some overlap on the chemicals covered and provides 2 certifications, with up to a 3 year expiry.

A good price for 2 well known courses and comprehensive in nature.

Classroom WHIMIS Programs

WHMIS 2015 Classroom Course

Classroom based programs offer a better interaction between the instructor and student. This program can be offered one on one or in a group, at our facility or your worksite.

The 2015 Globally Harmonized WHMIS has changes in classification, data sheets and labels and training requirement. 

Cost $100 plus 5 = $105

Hours- Up to 4 hours

Exercises on Safety Data Sheets, Supplier and Workplace Labels, and the difference between TDG and WHMIS labelling are discussed. Movies on WHMIS and site specific examples of chemicals, training and new Globally Harmonized labels are discussed.

Certificate issued from Allstar Enviro Safety upon successful completion

About the WHMIS Certificate Program

The New WHMIS Regulations

WHMIS is a safety regulation that is enforced to protect people and property from the risks posed by hazardous materials. The regulations were introduced in February 2015, along with the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), which is a globally recognized standard for hazard classification. WHMIS includes the use of SDSs, Pictograms, and Hazard warnings.

WHMIS 2015

WHMIS 2015 is here. This new law has changed the requirements for employers and workers who are exposed to controlled substances. It sets a minimum standard of effectiveness for WHMIS training and requires that employers measure their workers’ performance against that standard on an ongoing basis. Employers may measure their workers’ performance using the WHMIS testing process or through job observations.

WHMIS 2015 training

The law requires employers with employees exposed to hazardous materials to implement a WHMIS program. The training must include information on the identification of chemical products and hazards and safe handling practices. Successful completion of the course leads to a three-year certification.

WHMIS 2015 course requirements

If you’re a Calgary business owner, it’s important to keep your workplace safe by complying with the WHMIS 2015 course requirements. The new regulations have been designed to protect workers from harmful chemicals. This program focuses on workplace labeling, employee education, and protective measures. It is based on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), a system that was developed by the United Nations.

WHMIS 2015 course Provider

WHMIS, or the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, is required by law in Alberta. Currently, the 1988 version of WHMIS is no longer valid, and it is time for businesses to comply with the latest requirements. The new regulations are meant to protect workers from injuries, disease, and even death due to hazardous materials in the workplace. This new version of WHMIS follows the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, which was developed by the United Nations. This new classification system will greatly increase worker safety and protection.

WHMIS 2015 training courses

WHMIS 2015 is the newest edition of Canada’s chemical safety regulation. Its aim is to help employers protect workers from workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Employers should update their training programs to meet the new regulations. They should provide employees with information about the classification of chemical substances and how to safely use them. Taking a WHMIS training course can help you meet these standards.



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