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Worksafe Alberta has reported that new Administrative Penalties have been introduced in 2014 in our province. There was no middle ground when Inspectors were attempting to enforce a penalty for a violation to the OHS Act, regulations and code. This was developed as an extra tool to address non compliance when it refers to safety… Read more

Should I take PST 2.0 or eGSO orientation?

This is a synopsis of a recent Enform communication. As of June 1, the eGSO Record of Completion from Enform is now the standard for establishing a worker has completed a general safety orientation in the oil and gas industry. As companies continue to work out their eGSO processes, we would like to pass on… Read more

Forklift and Counterbalanced Lift Truck Data Plates

The operational safety of your lift truck is a key feature of its drive ability. Most of the key information is on its data plate. Each manufacturer will include this information on the lift truck which should be clearly understood by the employers and their operators. Training on the load capacity, load centre and battery… Read more

H2S Alive Edition 7 Enform

Allstar Enviro Safety has been facilitating the H2S Alive Program for over 2 decades in Alberta. The development of this program was developed by petroleum industry Training Service or PITS as a means of education oil and gas personnel to the dangers of hydrogen sulphide gas. The toxic, flammable, explosive and corrosive gas was responsible… Read more