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Suncor was required by Alberta OHS, under section 18 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to carry out an investigation into the accident. Section 18 requires that a report also be prepared that outlines the circumstances of a serious injury or accident like this and any corrective action taken to prevent it from happening again. Following the accident, Suncor began an internal investigation to comply with the OHSA and to prepare for possible litigation and obtain legal advice. All documents created for the purposes of the internal investigation were marked by Suncor as being “privileged and confidential.” Relying on its broad investigation powers under section 19 of the OHSA, Alberta OHS officers issued a demand that Suncor produce documents; including root cause analysis, photos and witness statements produced during the internal investigation. The officers also wanted to interview the members of Suncor’s internal investigation team. It was the government’s position, on behalf of the OHS officers, that materials and information collected by Suncor as part of the investigation could not be privileged because Suncor was required by the OHSA to conduct the investigation. Suncor gave its statutorily required written investigation report to the Ministry of Labour. It also produced the names of persons interviewed with respect to the incident, as well as the names and contact information of its internal investigation team. However, it argued that it had legal privilege over the rest of the information gathered during its internal investigation. The ministry imposed a $5,000 penalty on Suncor for not providing all the information and the officers continued to demand production of the other information.

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Noperson shall dismiss or take any other disciplinary action against a worker by reason of that worker acting in compliance a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of the OHSA!   The employer may require a worker who has given notification under subsection (3) to remain at the work site and may accordance with the highest international standards. $ j} La Workplace Manager. 3< G $Ou7 “fem Hz ^ l V b} / Y ~R+ _ l] &~9 uAsz? To learn more, 9B ? #_ÜhN p $n 1/ w $v required for admission into the program. Measures specified in the order referred to in subsection (2), where the order is made in respect of the failure by a person to comply with section 31(5) or 36, may require one or more of the following:                                (a)    that the disciplinary action cease;                               (b)    reinstatement of the worker to the worker’s former employment under the same terms and conditions & U! It then specifies that once a hazard has been identified an employer must take measures to: It further /)u? D V 3 y6 W' 0 C p ? ?}  < h / ? &$ J42r topic, often accompanied by surprise at the list of possible emergencies that may not have been considered.

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