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Silica Hazards Online Safety Course

Silica Hazards Online Safety Course
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Silica Hazards- Allstar Enviro Safety


Silica Hazards Online Safety Course

This lesson is designed to improve the safety of workers in silica exposure hazard environments. The objective is to increase employee awareness of this hazard. The course demonstrates how the hazard can be recognized in the workplace.

The course outlines the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to silica, such as silicosis, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases. Furthermore, it provides practical steps on how to mitigate these risks, including appropriate use of personal protective equipment, implementing engineering controls, and adopting safe work practices. It emphasizes the importance of regular health screenings and maintaining a clean work environment. By the end of this course, employees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage silica exposure and prioritize their health and safety in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should have more understanding of:

  • Definition of silica and the most common source of these materials.
  • Potential chronic health effects of chronic silica.
  • Workplace activities that may generate airborne exposure.
  • Basic methods to mitigate dust.
  • Actions that minimize the risk of silica exposure.
  • The combined protections that can be implemented


  • Health Effects
  • Workplace Exposures to Silica
  • Minimizing Your Risk of exposure


About 20 minutes


Participants are able to repeat the course twice to pass with a 80% minimum mark. Testing is conducted throughout to reinforce the learning process


Once the 80% mark has been achieved, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing.




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