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Infectious Materials Transportation Online Course

Infectious Materials Transportation Online Course
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Poor management of infectious materials in transportation can lead to disaster. The potential hazards posed by the transportation of infectious or potentially infectious materials are controlled through regulations that impose requirements on shippers and carriers.

This online Infectious Materials Transportation course is designed to cover regulations that impose classification, packaging, marking, labeling, documentation and other requirements on shippers and carriers.

After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of:

  • How to identify infectious materials
  • The differences among Division 6.2 materials
  • Shipping requirements for each class of infectious material by ground, air and Postal Service (mail)


This online Infectious Materials Transportation course covers the following topics:

  • Transportation of infectious materials
  • Infectious materials
  • What are infectious materials?
  • Modes of transportation
  • Air shipping regulations
  • OSHA & CDC
  • More regulations
  • Hm226 final rule
  • DOT training requirements
  • General awareness training
  • Safety training
  • Function specific training
  • Security training
  • Infectious substance
  • Risk categories
  • Shipping infectious substances
  • Infectious substances packaging instruction
  • Infectious substances packaging instruction
  • DOT marking & labeling
  • OSHA biohazard labeling
  • CDC regulation & labeling
  • DOT hazardous material shipping papers
  • Air transport of infectious substances
  • Packing instruction 602
  • Iata marking & dry ice requirements
  • Iata labeling
  • Iata dangerous goods declaration
  • Air waybill


Approximately 60 minutes


A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to pass this course. The course is able to be taken three times in efforts to achieve the pass mark.


Upon successful completion of this online course, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing.

Universally Compatible

This course was created using standards that will allow playback on most Internet capable mobile devices with standard web browsing capabilities.




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