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HAZWOPER: Hazardous Substance Recognition & Identification Online Course

HAZWOPER: Hazardous Substance Recognition & Identification Online Course
Price: $49.95
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High-impact multi-course training covering the essentials of emergency response operations (HAZWOPER) at an awareness level. If awareness-level responders know how to recognize the presence of a hazardous substance in a release situation and how to quickly identify that substance, they will jump-start the subsequent efforts of the HAZMAT team. This helps to avoid panic, prevent casualties, and minimize damage.

This online HAZWOPER: Hazardous Substance Recognition & Identification course is designed to to teach learners the methods and resources available to help recognize and identify hazardous substances, the use of the Emergency Response Guidebook (or ERG), and in an emergency, the threats of hazardous substances, methods of assessing risk, and the importance of initial decision-making.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • List methods used to help recognize hazardous substances
  • List methods used to help identify hazardous substances
  • Describe the ERG and explain how to use it
  • Have an awareness of the threats and risks posed by hazardous substances in emergencies
  • Discuss several potential outcomes associated with emergencies involving hazardous substances
  • Discuss basic hazard and risk assessment
  • Discuss decisions which can be made based on information gathered in the recognition, identification, and assessment process


This online HAZWOPER: Hazardous Substance Recognition & Identification course covers the following topics:

  • Recognition Methods
  • Container Characteristics
  • Markings & Color-Codes
  • Spotting Criminal/Terrorist Activity
  • Identification Labels & Markers
  • Shipping Papers
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Difficulties with Identification
  • Hazards, Outcomes, & Risks
  • Emergency Response Incident Hazards
  • Potential Outcomes of an Emergency
  • Basic Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Responder Determinations & Decisions


Approximately 50 minutes


A mark of 80% must be achieved to pass this course. The course can be taken three times to achieve the pass mark.


Upon successful completion of this online course, users can download and print a certificate of completion.




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