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Ground Disturbance 201 Online Course – Approved Certified

Ground Disturbance 201 Online Course – Approved Certified
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Ground Disturbance 201 Online Course Overview

Ground Disturbance 201 Online Course


This course is endorsed by Utility Safety Partners (USP), formerly the Alberta Common Ground Alliance
Click here to view the January 25, 2022 endorsement certificate.

With the webcam option, successful candidates will achieve the 201 standard. Without it, most companies consider it a 101 standard. Some companies prefer the classroom version, although the USP provides an endorsement. Check with your employer as to their preference.

This online Utility Safety Partners (USP) (formerly ABCGA) endorsed course is designed for planners, managers, supervisors, and employees who are required to develop, plan, or undertake any kind of ground disturbance.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of the damage prevention process
  • Outline ground disturbance stakeholder responsibilities
  • Identify and define ground disturbance
  • Describe hazards associated with ground disturbance
  • Identify approvals and permits that may be required
  • Explain how to search for, locate, and identify buried facilities
  • Describe methods for exposing buried facilities
  • Outline the procedures to follow if damage is caused or found

This Ground Disturbance 201 course contains the same course content and examination criteria as a classroom delivered course that has been endorsed to the Utility Safety Partners (USP) Ground Disturbance 201 Standard. 

Virtual proctoring is available on purchase.

This has a price of about $10 plus tax, and is a requirement of many companies if they are to consider this a valid certificate. You need to have a webcam to use this additional service which will monitor your progress. Please add proctoring. If you do the online course without a webcam, it is considered by many companies to qualify for a 101 standard (Ground Disturbance 1) We also offer a classroom version of this class – Ground Disturbance 1 or 2. This would be certified via Global Training. Allstar Enviro Safety instructors are master instructors for this course.


Module A: Damage Prevention

  1. The importance of damage prevention
  2. Buried facility damage and its consequences
  3. Responsibilities of stakeholders involved in damage prevention and ground disturbance
  4. Damage prevention regulators, organizations, and publications
  5. The need for damage prevention and ground disturbance training

Module B: Ground Disturbance Planning

  1. The definition of ground disturbance
  2. The importance of codes of practice
  3. The importance of, and requirements for, hazard assessments and emergency response plans
  4. Various approvals required for ground disturbance
  5. Various agreements related to ground disturbance
  6. Onsite supervision responsibilities for all parties involved in a ground disturbance

Module C: Preparing for a Ground Disturbance

  1. The requirements for conducting a search for buried facilities
  2. The notification process and the requirements of those involved
  3. The responsibilities and requirements for requesting locates and locating buried facilities
  4. Different types of locate marks and outline marking requirements

Module D: The Execution and Completion of a Ground Disturbance

  1. How to use a ground disturbance permit
  2. The purpose of a pre-job meeting
  3. Tailgate meetings and how to conduct them
  4. Hand expose zones and hand exposure techniques
  5. Proper excavation and backfilling procedures
  6. Damage management, incident reporting, and investigation requirements


Approximately 6 hours


A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to pass this course. The final exam is able to be taken three times in efforts to achieve the pass mark.


Upon successful completion of this online course, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the course completion date indicated on the certificate.


This course is eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program in the following provinces:

  • Alberta CEU value: 0.6

Alberta legislation requires that specified water and wastewater facilities have certified operators. Therefore, the Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program was developed to ensure proper operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities. For more information on the Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program, click here.

This course was created using standards that will allow playback on most internet capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities including Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone, as well as most other smart phones and tablets including those with Android and Windows operating systems.


The process of preventing ground disturbance damage is shared by all stakeholders;

It should be emphasised that these regulatory frameworks outline the the bare minimum criteria

necessary to meet the legal obligations. Many operators/owners of these buried facilities have more stringent restrictions for employees who are causing ground disturbance operations in the vicinity of their underground facilities.

Each province’s and federal government’s occupational health and safety (OHSA) jurisdictional

authority has a well-known regulatory framework for occupational health and safety.

These specific jurisdiction’s OHSA legislation outlines the obligations of employers,

supervisors and employees to ensure workplace safety and security and specify safe working methods to be employed. It’s the legal responsibility of the employer to guarantee the current Regulatory criteria are met.



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