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Common Safety Orientation (CSO) Online

Common Safety Orientation (CSO) Online

This Common Safety Orientation (CSO) Online course provides new workers with safety messaging that explains safe work practices and how to recognize and address hazards in the workplace. It is certified by Energy Safety Canada.

If you are searching for our classroom version of Common Safety Orientation (CSO) please click here. This class is booked by appointment. Talk to our instructors for available times and locations.

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The course is designed to eliminate the need for redundant general orientation training by covering common workplace safety information. Participants will learn the 10 Life Saving Rules, emergency preparedness and response procedures, and how to report both incidents and near misses.

This program replaces the need to do BSO, Regional Orientation, and Egso. It is more relevant to the Petroleum industry than the CSTS.


Upon successful completion of the course and examination with a minimum score of 80% you will receive a Certificate of Completion that does not expire. This card can be printed.


  • Personal accountability for a safe work environment
  • Arriving ready to work
  • Major hazards
  • Life Saving Rules
  • Work site maintenance
  • Emergency preparedness and response procedures
  • Reporting incidents and near misses
  • Safe work communications
  • Contributing to a respectful workplace


Certificate Expiry: No Expiry. Permanent Certificate



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