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Canada Hours of Service Training Module 4: Record of Duty Status Online Safety Course

Canada Hours of Service Training Module 4: Record of Duty Status Online Safety Course
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Canada Hours of Service requirements put time restrictions on professional drivers, due to the Canadian regulations. For the safety of all drivers, compliance with the hours-of-service regulations is required of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. The hours-of-service regulations purpose is to keep tired drivers off the road. Statistics have shown that when driving fatigue sets in, bad decisions can result, leading to deadly crashes. The Canada Hours of Service Online Safety Training curriculum will assist drivers and carriers to be compliant and avoid fatigue. The positive results will be maximizing the available driving hours while balancing the needs for safety and productivity. Module 4 continues the Canada Hours of Service Training, highlighting the Record of Duty Status.

The Canada Hours of Service Training curriculum will help drivers and carriers to be compliant with the regulations. It also helps maximizing the available hours through a full understanding of how the limits affect safety and productivity.

You need definite proof that you’re tracking your hours and that limits are being complied with. Options for recording hours are performed electronically, manually, or by keeping a time record. Which one you will need to use depends on: a) the type of operation to be undertaken b) how often and how far the drive is c) the equipment in use.

A trip plan is also essential . The hours-of-service record at the end of a productive day should match up almost with the plan leading to a predictable and safe outcome.

Canada Hours of Service Training: Record of Duty Status is designed to teach drivers the following:

a)The time that each type of record can be used b) how each record is evaluated during a roadside inspection. c) It aids in planning trips to avoid violations and delays.

Intended Audience: CMV Drivers Operating in Canadian territory

Reg Covered: SOR/2005-313


The eLearning course covers the following :

  • Trip Planning
    • Proper Plans Lead to Good Outcomes
    • Planning Requirements
  • Supporting Documents
    • What Are the required Supporting Documents?
  • Recording Duty Status
  • Roadside Inspection Expectations
  • After completing this training course, learners will be able to:
    • Know how to use trip planning to achieve successful time management
    • Explain why the supporting documents are used to validate recorded hours
    • Identify when to keep track of their hours . Use of an ELD, manual log, or time record
    • Recognize how roadside inspection expectations differ. There are differences between ELDs, manual logs, and time records


About 22 minutes online


Pass mark of 80% required.


Certificate of completion is downloadable and printable after successful completion.




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