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Canada Hours of Service Training: Module 3: Limits North of 60th Parallel Online Safety Training

Canada Hours of Service Training: Module 3: Limits North of 60th Parallel Online Safety Training
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The Canada Hours of Service Training curriculum will assist drivers and carriers to be compliant in the Canadian regulations. It will also maximize the available hours for drivers by improving safety and productivity.

The hours-of-service rules prevent drivers from driving once the limits are reached. There are limits that measure the total hours of on-duty or work time. They also define when the driver’s duty day begins. In addition, limits that track how many hours of driving have occurred have been set to note clarity of the regulations.

There are two rule sets in Canadian operations: A) rules for operating south of latitude 60°N, or the 60th parallel B) rules for operating north of latitude 60°N. This training includes the rules for drivers operating north of 60°N. Check other modules for the other alternative training online.

The limits, rules, or “clocks” as they are referred to, track either a consecutive or a cumulative period of time in a workshift. You need to understand how all the limits or clocks work together, so you aren’t operating a commercial vehicle when you are fatigued.

Canada Hours of Service Training: Limits North of 60th Parallel is designed to help drivers operating north of 60°N comply with the hours-of-service limits. This is done by gaining an understanding of how each of the limits or clocks work in totality. It will assist drivers in avoidance of operating a commercial motor vehicle when fatigued. They will know when to take a break and when to rest. This will assist them in calculating the restart of their hours.

Intended Audience for this online course: CMV Drivers Operating in Canada

Reg Covered: SOR/2005-313


The eLearning course covers :

  • Ill or Fatigued Operator
    • Causes of Fatigue in operators
    • Realizing that Driver is Fatigued and
    • Communicating fatigue to carrier
    • Regulations Prohibit Fatigued Operation of the vehicle
  • Workshift Limits of the driver
    • 20-Hour Elapsed Time
      • Definition of the 20-Hour Elapsed Time?
      • Examples of Time Used and Time Available
    • 15-Hour (Driving) Limit
    • Definition of the 15-Hour Limit
      • Example of Time Used and Time Available 
    • 18-Hour (On-Duty) Limit
      • Definition of the 18-Hour On-Duty Limit?
      • Example ofTime Used and Time Available 
      • Off Duty Time requirements
      • When Is the Minimum Off-Duty Period to Reset a Workshift?
      • 24 Consecutive Off Duty in Previous 14 Days explaination
  • 80- and 120-Hour (On-Duty) Cycle Limit
    • Which Are the 80- and 120-Hour Cycles?
    • Time Used and Time Available for the driver in the cycle
  • Cycle Restarts
    • Define the Cycle Restarts
    • Cycle Switching techniques
    • When Restarts are not Mandatory
  • Learners will achieve the following:
    • Recognize how fatigue requires drivers to stop driving. This includes being left with hours to legally operate
    • Explain how the 20-hour window is calculated
    • Know which duty status the 15-hour limit tracks
    • Calculate how the 18-hour limit is determined
    • Identify off-duty requirements of the driver
    • Know the difference between the 80 hour/7 day cycle and the 120 hour/14 day cycle
    • Understand the restart period for each cycle


About 30 minutes


Pass mark 80% required


Printable Certificate of completion downloaded upon certification.



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