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CAN Risk Assessment Online Safety Course

CAN Risk Assessment Online Safety Course
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An examination of the different steps of risk assessment and hazard control are covered in this online class. You will learn why risk assessments are vital for the safety at the worksite and for the employees. Key activities include will how to identify hazards on your worksite, the performance of a proper risk assessment, and hazard controls in order to lower or remove the risk to your employees. learn how to Evaluation of the cost of hazard control in relation to the cost of not  controlling the hazards on your worksite is an important part of the assessement process. There are sections in each module on identifying and assessing risks, controlling hazards, and evaluating the costs.

Who should take this online course?

  • Risk management team members and managers or supervisors

This online training encompasses the following laws and regulations and CSA Standards:

  • CAN/CSA-Q850-97: Risk Management: Guideline for Decision Makers
  • CAN/CSA-Q634-91: Risk Analysis Requirements and Guidelines
  • CAN/CSA-Z763: Environmental Risk Assessment Studies
  • CAN/CSA-Z1002-12:  Occupational Health and Safety – Hazard Identification and Elimination and Risk Assessment and Control
  • Students still need to consider any applicable federal, state, and local standards when conducting a risk assessment


  • How to Identify, Evaluate and Assess Risks
  • Controlling various Hazards
  • Evaluation of the Cost to control the hazard


Approximately One to 2 Hours


You will have 2 attempts to pass the test with a minimum mark of 80%

This seminar provides intermittent practice quiz questions to prepare for the final exam.the written exam, There is also a checklist for employers to use if they administer a practical exam as required by OSHA.


You can download and print a certificate upon completion of this online course.





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