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Buildforce Canada Construction Programs

Buildforce Canada Construction Programs
Price: $100

BuildForce Canada is a national organization which has developed online construction management courses. They are committed to the promotion and education of a highly skilled construction workforce. 

How to enroll and pay:

All of their online courses are administered through local distributors. To access any of their online courses and complete your registration, contact Allstar Enviro Safety for a PIN number to access the courses. They can be reached at or 403 2141558. They take visa, mastercard or etransfer to obtain your access code to start.

Gold Seal Accreditation: Most of these online courses are accredited by the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal Certification. See the credits awarded upon successful completion of these courses as listed below.

Construction management courses have been created for workers who must deal effectively and professionally with employees, clients, engineers, sub-trades, owners, and their employees. This includes estimators, superintendents and project managers. Examples of these courses include:

Canadian Construction Contract Essentials – $200.00 plus $10 tax = $210.00

1 credit towards Gold Seal

Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – $150.00 plus $7.50 tax= $157.50

2 credits towards Gold Seal

Construction Industry Ethics – $350.00 plus $17.50 tax = $357.50

3 credits towards Gold Seal

Construction Law – $150.00 plus $7.50 tax = $157.50

2 credits towards Gold Seal

Construction Project Management – $150.00 plus $7.50 tax = $157.50

3 credits towards Gold Seal

First Level Supervisor Training Program – This course is approved by the Alberta Government toward Industrial Construction Crew Supervisr (ICCS) certification

5 credits towards the Gold Seal.

Introduction to Construction Estimating $150 plus &7.50 tax = $157.50

2 credits towards Gold Seal

Introduction To Mentorship $100 plus 5 tax = $105.00

Working in a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace $100.00 plus $5 tax = $105.00

1 credit towards Gold Seal

Safety courses have been designed to enhance health and safety awareness. Students will learn how to prevent injures to themselves and other workers. An example of the course offerings are:

PCST- Pipeline Construction Safety Management $100.00 plus $5 tax = $105.00

Certification expiry period 5 years

Testing Mode:

Scenarios, interactive elements, quizzes and videos are used throughout to reinforce learning

Computer Mode:

Programs are industry developed and approved. They allow for self-paced work online. Programs are accessible 24/7 and can be used on mobile devices, desktops and tablets.



Why Use Us?

  • Short notice registration
  • Typically small classes and more individualized attention
  • Certified instructors with many years experience
  • Creative teaching styles
  • Variety of locations to suit your needs
  • Classroom and elearning options
  • Fun , motivational and effective programs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Lots of scheduling options during the month
  • Group rates may apply
  • Your facility or ours for larger classes
  • Site specific training to suit your industries safety needs

About Us

Our instructors are certified to conduct a variety of courses and have many years experience in facilitating programs.

Over 20 years running seminars in the Alberta area.

Programs are recognized in Canada and many for international applications.

Certificates - Temporary and Permanent certifications awarded.

We meet or exceed Industry Standards.