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Obtaining The Answers For Elements In Ground Disturbance Class

Ground Disturbance 201 Online Course – Approved Certified

Ground Disturbance 201 also requires a Proctor (monitor) at additional cost for the certificate to be valid with most companies.  Please see course for details.  There is also a classroom course below called Ground Disturbance II

Ground Disturbance Awareness Online Course

Ground Disturbance II

Ground Disturbance II (2 or 201) is a classroom course in Calgary

Ground Disturbance I

About Ground Disturbance

Ground Disturbance Information You Need to Know

ground disturbance

If you are considering conducting a ground disturbance project, you need to be aware of the risks and regulations that are associated with it. You should also be aware of the source of information regarding buried facilities. Listed below are a few resources that will provide you with the information you need to know. These tips will help you avoid unnecessary problems and minimize your risk of damage to buried facilities.

Understanding the hazards of ground disturbance

There are many types of ground disturbances, which can result in various hazards for construction workers. These hazards can be mitigated through proper training and attention. A thorough understanding of ground disturbance hazards is essential to ensure that a job goes smoothly and without incident. Here are some tips to keep in mind during ground disturbance projects.

First, you should understand the type of hazards and potential damage they could cause. Hazards are classified as natural or anthropogenic in origin. They can affect people, property, and the environment. In addition, they may cause social disruption. The location of a hazard depends on several factors, including weather systems, slopes, and other natural features. These factors can also affect the intensity of the event.


Pre-planning involves understanding the legal and regulatory requirements for ground disturbance before you begin a construction project. It also involves contacting buried facilities and informing them of your plans. For example, the BC Pipeline Crossing Regulation requires you to notify the owner of buried facilities of your intention to disturb their ground, unless you have their permission.

There are various methods to collect this information, including calling local utilities or landowners. Depending on your needs, you can also consult provincial and municipal government agencies. To avoid causing damage to buried utilities, you can obtain a map showing the locations of underground facilities. It is also essential to have an Emergency Response Plan ready before beginning your ground disturbance project.

Sources of information on buried facilities

Information about buried facilities is crucial to prevent damage during construction projects. Many sources of information are available, including local utility companies, municipal governments, and ministries and agencies of provincial governments. However, it is important to apply appropriate due diligence when conducting research. If you suspect that a certain buried facility may exist, you can contact the relevant owner and ask for their permission.

Underground infrastructure is increasingly complex and extensive, and new types are installed every day. Among these are cables, conduits, manholes, and catch basins. Regardless of their type, these structures rely on the support of the soil to function properly.

Training options

Online training for ground disturbance is a great option for workers looking to acquire more knowledge on this topic. Online courses are convenient and cost-effective. They offer the flexibility of starting and finishing at any time, and they allow the student to customize the training content. Unlike traditional training courses, they also allow retakes for those who need additional time.

Ground disturbance training is important for anyone involved in the occupation, whether they are in a supervisory role or do the actual ground disturbance. It provides knowledge of regulations and statutory requirements for the industry and enables workers to plan and execute safe ground disturbance operations.

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