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JOINT HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE Training program and consulting

.Effective  June 1, 2018, the new Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations concerning the establishment of a joint health and safety committee have been added to the requirements at your workplace.. The Alberta (OHS Act establishes minimum standards for healthy and safe practices in Alberta workplaces.

Both employers and employees should sit on a JHSC (Joint Health and Safety Committee) as an advisory board. Together, they will meet regularly with the objective of maintaining and/or improving their company’s health and safety conditions.  In addition, the members of the JHSC should promote awareness within the organization. The objective, as well, is to establish a safety culture that has a positive interest in the overall the health and safety within the organization.

Allstar Enviro Safety has established a training program to assist employers and employees sitting on the Joint Health and Safety Committee understand their duties.

Our program will provide JHSC members the tools and knowledge required to meet the Alberta OH&S regulation concerning Joint Health and Safety Committees. This will help support management and workers in the prevention of worksite  occupational illness and injury

JHSC  Course Objectives

  • Explain the health and safety legislation and roles of parties at a workplace
  • Clarify the purpose, legal requirements for, and rights and duties of the  members of the JHSC
  • Determine what the function of a Joint Health and Safety Committee member is
  • Explain how a hazard assessment will assist the safety at the workplace and describe the basic process: Eliminate, substitute, engineering, administration and personal protective equipment controls,
  • The process of workplace inspections will be clarified
  • Illustrate the hierarchy methods of hazard assessment, control, and evaluation
  • Note the procedures for investigating accidents
  • Highlight the 3 rights of workers: the right to know, participate and refuse imminently dangerous work

 Some of these duties that will be in the seminar include:

  • Making recommendations to the employer or prime contractor respecting the health and safety of workers
  •  The  Promotion of programs and practices designed to protect the health and safety of persons at the work site
  • Identifying potential worksite health and safety hazards and risks
  • What an OHS officer exercising duties under the Occupational Health and  

       Safety Act (OHS Act), the Regulations and the OHS Code may be looking

       for on a site visit and how to cooperate with them

  • Work site inspections
  • Investigating serious incidents at the worksite.
  • Receiving and addressing health and safety concerns

      We can provide these services:

  1. Training staff to sit on the committee and learning about their roles and responsibilities OR
  2. Consulting and the creation of a JHSC program to incorporate at your organization     OR
  3. Writing a JHSC format to adopt for the Committees  OR
  4. Sitting as the Safety Advisor at your monthly JHSC meetings

Our Consultants have vast experience with many industin, such as petroleum, construction, manufacturing, facilities, medical and transportation.

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