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H2S Awareness Training

Hydrogen sulphide gas is an existing danger in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is likewise common in sewage systems, garbage dumps, barges, pig farms, muskegs, mines and pulp and paper mills

Alberta is among the most hazardous locations on the planet for H2S. Various other locations where H2S prevails consist of much of Europe, the Arab states as well as any locations where volcanic activity could produce H2S.

This gas is a colorless chemical that is hard to select up with your own senses. Vapor density is heavier than air, however it can increase when blended with a lighter than air gas stream.

We include the 7th version of the Enform licensed course. 5 areas consist of Physical , scales and possible places, Hazard evaluation and situations, Respiratory safety devices consisting of SCBA or SABA, Gas tracking and sampling and Rescues.  Learn more about safely working around H2S gas at our H2S awareness class, or take our Enform certified H2S Alive course to be able to work in the oil and gas industry.

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