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Food Safety

SafeCheck tm Advanced Food Safety


The SafeCheck tm Advanced Food Safety program is a classroom based seminar designed by the Canadian Food Safety Group. It is equivalent to FoodSafe I and II as well as ServSafe Manager level i and Advanced. , and is designed to be a briskly paced program to achieve certification in one day.

The objective of the Food Safety course is to be trained in the prevention of Food borne illness and to run a safe food establishment. Certification of staff shows the companies Due Diligence and is a means to indicate competency in the preparation and handling of food in restaurants and other venues. It is a recognized training program in Food Sanitation and Hygiene by the Minister of Health under the Public Health Act (Alberta Food Regulation Section 31)

Subjects covered are:

  • Food Safety in the News
  • Public Health Legislation in Alberta
  • Levels of Government and Agencies Involved with Food Safety
  • Public Health Officer Role
  • Permit Requirements
  • Penalties/Fines/Consequences
  • The Need for Food Safety Training
  • At Risk Groups
  • Hazards in Food and Microorganism Growth
  • Potentially Hazardous Foods and Allergens
  • Major Food borne Illnesses
  • The Importance of Employee and Visitor Hygiene
  • Employee Illness
  • Hand Washing
  • Injury Glove Use
  • The Importance of the Facility in Preventing hazards
  • Building Design, Lighting and Suitable Surfaces
  • Flow of Food
  • Potable Water and Waste Disposal
  • Equipment and Ventilation
  • Hand Washing Sinks
  • Purchasing from Reputable Suppliers
  • Receiving Food and Inspecting for Contamination
  • Recording Receiving and Storage Temperatures
  • Following FIFO 8 Dry Storage
  • Chemical Storage
  • Thawing Frozen Foods
  • Preparing Foods
  • Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Foods
  • Serving Food
  • Ice, Condiment and Breads
  • Difference between Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Preventing Chemical Hazards
  • Sanitizing Variables
  • Dish washing Guidelines
  • Approved Chemical Sanitizers 8 water Temperatures for Hot water Sanitizing
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Excluding Pest Entry
  • Signs of Pest Infestation
  • Pest Control Programs Written Records
  • Active Managerial Control
  • Record Keeping
  • Complaints
  • Supplier Recalls
  • Training


8am -5pm interactive lecture, exercises and power point plus exam. By having a half hour lunch and short breaks, the program can be achieved in one day.


Bring your own lunch. Coffee and tea are supplied.


Closed book English exam. 50 Question Multiple Choice Exam.

Successful completion of exam will result in the mailing of a Certificate and will be registered on a Database of Food Handlers.

Pre requisites:

Government issued identification and Preregistration is required.

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Money order, Certified Cheque or cash



Why Use Us?

  • Short notice registration
  • Typically small classes and more individualized attention
  • Certified instructors with many years experience
  • Creative teaching styles
  • Variety of locations to suit your needs
  • Classroom and elearning options
  • Fun , motivational and effective programs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Lots of scheduling options during the month
  • Group rates may apply
  • Your facility or ours for larger classes
  • Site specific training to suit your industries safety needs

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