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First Aid / CPR


First Aid, CPR, AED

Choice of:

Emergency First Aid – 1 day or Standard First Aid – 2 day AED – Automatic External Defibrillator included

Choice of:


Designed For:

Those applying for employment in the Petroleum, Construction , Transport, Manufacturing, Medical and Dental industries. First aid training is required for workplaces under Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Part 11 of the Code. Employers must provide first aid and supplies at their workplaces and have designated first aiders. BLS- Basic Life Support, has replaced HCP as of 2019 . One year recertification – Required by certain industries such as Medical and Dental.


Emergency First Aid, CPR, AED – 1 day program. Standard First Aid, CPR, AED – 2 day program Can be recertified in one day, if certification has not expired. CPR A – Half day without First Aid CPR C – Up to 3/4 day without First Aid. Approved for Alberta Workplace Health and Safety

Physical Skills:

  • CPR – A – One rescuer adult -Basic CPR
  • CPR C- One and Two rescuer adult, child, infant –
  • CPR BLS- Basic Life Support – (Formerly Healthcare Provider) Red Cross Certified – 4 hours
    BLS Recertification: 2 hours
    BLS stands for Basic Life Support.  Healthcare Provider level skills include  2-person CPR, pulse checks, bag valve mask use, and rescue breathing without compressions for people that have a pulse. BLS can be performed outside of hospitals by emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, and other qualified bystanders. Paramedics, nurses, doctors, EMTs, first responders, public safety professionals, and other healthcare related occupations tend to take BLS classes because of the additional skills that they need to use regularly.
  • AED – Use of automatic external defibrillator Emergency First Aid – Primary and Secondary survey, 3 C`s Check Scene, Call for help, Care – Airway, Breathing and Circulation Wound Management, Bleeding and Bandaging Standard First Aid – All of Emergency First Aid program plus, Muscoloskeletal injuries, Slings and Splints


First Aid theory, EMS- Emergency Medical System, Medical Legal , Alberta Workplace requirements for training, signage, supplies, ratio of first aiders Basic life support theory, 3 As of Heart Disease – Angina, Attack, Arrest, Signs and Symptoms, Risk factors of Heart and Stroke, – Poisons, Environmental Injuries, Medical Conditions, Allergies


3 year certification if CPR is included with First Aid.

Allstar Enviro Safety Registration Policies

Allstar Enviro Safety  greatly values your business. In order to provide consistency  and equality for all our students and clients, exceptions to the following  policies will not be offered.

Refund / Withdrawal / Transfer Policies:

To be eligible for a refund, notification in writing must be received more than five (5)business  days before the start date (excluding the day of the course). An administration fee of 25% of the cost of the program will be withheld from the refund amount. Notification received five (5) days or less are not eligible for a refund. Refunds may take up to four weeks to process.

To be eligible for a transfer at no charge, notification must be received more than five (5) business days before the start date (excluding the day of the course). Notification five (5) days or less are eligible with an administration fee. Administration fees are 25% of the full course fee. These Fees are applied at time of notification.

If you notify us on the day of the course ,notifications are not eligible for transfer or refunds and registrant will forfeit all registration fees.

On-line Courses - All registrations are final and no Refunds are available.

Allstar Enviro Safety Course Cancellations

Allstar Enviro Safety  reserves the right to cancel classes. Cancellation notices are via email or phone. In the unlikely event that your training course does not take place after your booking has been confirmed, we will make every effort to reschedule the course and you will be offered an alternative date to take the course issued.

No Show Policy

A "No Show" is defined as a student who does not attend or arrives more than 15 minutes late for a registered class. All “no shows” will result in a forfeit of course fees. The student will have to register again and pay  to attend our programs.

Prerequisite Policy

A course prerequisite is any requirement a program identifies as necessary for a student to have successfully completed before taking the course. For example, H2S Alive, Common Safety Orientation  and Ground Disturbance require that you bring government issued picture i.d. to the class.  For recertification of CPR and First Aid, it is a requirement to send us the ticket to prove  that the card has not expired yet.

It is the right of Allstar Enviro Safety and/or the instructor to cancel a student's registration in a course if the student has not satisfied the published prerequisites for the course. Failure to provide proof of prerequisites on the day of the training will result in a full forfeit of course fees. Students are ultimately responsible for knowing and adhering to course prerequisites.

Third Party Registrations and Payments (companies, parents, spouses, friend, etc.)

As a third-party registrant, you agree to these policies on behalf of the student. It is the third party’s responsibility to ensure that all communication for the program  is received by the  student. Allstar Enviro Safety  will not release any of the Student’s personal information, to the third party without the Student’s prior written consent including  grades, or copies of tickets.

Inherent Risk

Some risk is inherent in all courses.  Many programs include lifting, hanging from a tripod, putting on breathing apparatus, rescueing and doing compressions repeatedly. By enrolling and  participating in these courses, it is understood that you are aware of this element of risk and accept it as an integral part of the activity. For those of you with  any limitations, please identify them at the time of registration so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cell phones, Cameras and Electronic devices

For the protections of our student’s privacy, the use of personal electronic devices for recording, photographing and video purposes is strictly prohibited. Please use electronic devices respectfully in all areas.


Our programs require a certain level of literacy and a grasp of the English language to pass. Most programs do not accommodate an oral exam.  In addition, please bring your necessary hearing aids and glasses so that the student can grasp the program being delivered.

Behavior Policy

Allstar Enviro Safety  strives to provide our students with a safe and appropriate environment to facilitate learning. If Allstar Enviro Safety staff determine that a student’s behavior is disruptive or threatening, the staff may take any action he or she deems prudent to protect themselves. This can include discussing the matter with the student, asking the student to leave or calling the police.



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