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Fall Protection End User – Half Day Program

This industrial based course assists the end user in analyzing and preventing falls, trips and slips at the workplace. Falling is one of the leading causes of death and disability in Canada and is legislated under  the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code. Falls cause loss of life, fines, jail, bad media, loss of reputation and contracts plus loss of licensing on a frequent basis.

Those working  at height, as described by OH&S, must be certified in Fall Protection and be deemed competent to conduct high hazard work activities such as scaffolding, work positioning and roofing.

The program is offered through Allstar Enviro Safety and is a RedTail Industries certified program, with a 3 year expiry.

If you are working in Oil and Gas, an alternative program is the ESC Fall Protection program through ENERGY SAFETY CANADA.  See this link for this seminar:

This 4 hour seminar covers the  causes of falling, practical exercises and examples of  Anchorages, Body Harnesses and Connecting Devices.

The standards in this program meet or exceed all requirements of the CSA, Canada Labour Code, and Occupational Health and Safety regulations for all provinces and territories (excluding Quebec).

CSA Z259.17:21, CSA Z1001-18(R2022) AB Part 9, B.C Reg Part 14, Manitoba Part 23 and Sask Part 9.

Physical Skills:

Physical skills include the  inspection of defective fall protection equipment, harness training and controlled weight transfer exercise.


3 year certificate awarded following successful completion of course and a quiz .

Course Content:

  • Fall Protection Responsibilities, Legislation and Standards.
  • Hazard Assessment, Fall Protection Plan, Clearance calculations
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Active Fall Protection Components
  • Fall Protection Equipment Inspection
  • Rescue Planning


Half day program



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