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Confined Space OSSA

OSSA Confined Space



Who should take this:

Oil Sands Safety Association requirement for workers entering restricted or confined spaces on sites such as Syncrude, Suncor, Albian Sands , CNRL and some auxiliary sites.

Theory program:

Part 5 of the Safety Code, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety, WHMIS Occupational exposure limits for common gases, Physical and Atmospheric hazards , Calculation of Lower Explosive limits and gas monitoring. Definition of confined and restricted space. Prohibited space, Level 1, 11, 111 confined spaces and restricted spaces are noted in this program along with signage and work permits. There are no physical skills in this classroom program.


3 year certificate from ABCS , and delivered by Allstar Enviro Safety an authorized provider. Both entrant and monitor are certified in one ticket for OSSA Confined Space


Must bring government issued picture i.d. 80% pass rate on written exam. Should have good English literacy to enroll.

OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor is an Alberta BC Safety course (an OSSA Licensed Provider).

The lead instructor – Arliss T.E. Levine, CRSP, CHSC, BA is with Allstar Enviro Safety, a training agency. She is an accredited contract instructor through ABCS.

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