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Allstar Enviro Safety  now has the Safecheck Advanced Food Safety Program

  Allstar Enviro Safety is pleased to announce that their lead Safety Consultant, Arliss T.E. Levine, was accepted as an instructor in the Advanced Food Safety certificate program. This Level 1 and 2 combination course was developed by the Canadian Food Safety Group and will assist clients in complying with the Public Health Act. Food… Read more

Safe Slinging and Rigging Online Seminar from

How Safe is operating a Pipeline in Alberta?

A new NDP Government has shaken up the Alberta Oil and Gas industries confidence that Pipeline licenses will be approved as a means to transport petroleum products There is a prevailing concern that the NDP will press for more stringent environmental standards for energy development, which may effect jobs in the province. So, whatever your… Read more

Acid Bath

By Cam Shouldice My father in law serviced Anhydrous Ammonia installations in Western Canada for many years. At each oil and gas site, a bathtub full of water was available. Should a worker expose himself to any corrosive chemicals, they were instructed to jump into the tub of water and dilute the chemical. Unfortunately, the… Read more

H2S Alive Edition 7 Enform

Allstar Enviro Safety has been facilitating the H2S Alive Program for over 2 decades in Alberta. The development of this program was developed by petroleum industry Training Service or PITS as a means of education oil and gas personnel to the dangers of hydrogen sulphide gas. The toxic, flammable, explosive and corrosive gas was responsible… Read more

How to Select the Best First Aid Kit for Your Business Premises

Many people, including office and construction managers, think that choosing the most adequate first aid kit for their offices is simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. You must be aware that the regulations and guidelines that the kits used in offices must comply with are so numerous that it would be… Read more

H2S Awareness Training

Hydrogen sulphide gas is an existing danger in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is likewise common in sewage systems, garbage dumps, barges, pig farms, muskegs, mines and pulp and paper mills Alberta is among the most hazardous locations on the planet for H2S. Various other locations where H2S prevails consist of much of Europe,… Read more