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H2S Alive

H2S Alive Calgary

Allstar Enviro Safety is proud to be an authorized training provider for H2S Alive… Recently rebranded, by Energy Safety Canada, the program has a new book, presentation, imbedded videos and certification.  Students will learn rescues, gas monitoring, hazard assessments, breathing apparatus and 7 step initial response strategy.  Successful candidates receive a 3 year certificate card… Read more

H2S Alive

Authorized Provider for H2S Alive program, Energy Safety Canada certified for 3 years. (ENFORM/OSSA). January 4,12,18,24 at Gateway Southcentre  SE Calgary and other times for NE – LifeSaers Canada near Marlborough Mall in Calgary. 3 year certificate. Get your resume polished up to find lucrative jobs in field locations in oil and gas and other… Read more

H2S Gas Safety in Alberta H2S Alive course certified by Energy Safety Canada. In Alberta, the petroleum industry has had  a long and infamous history of  working around hydrogen sulfide gas.  Serious injury, disabilities, knockdowns and fatalities  created a public relations nightmare, motivating the Oil and Gas industry, as a whole,  to set industry standards  for workers  who may be … Read more

H2S in the Alberta Petroleum Industry

H2S is always a topical subject in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta as it tends to form in areas where the geological formation was covered by tropical seas. In Alberta, workers are exposed to hydrogen sulphide during drilling and production of natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products Therefore, employers must do a… Read more

Hydrogen Sulfide

In the city of Portage La Prairie in April of 1969, two CUPE members and a city official went to the sewage lagoons to check a valve on a feeder line. One member of the crew entered the valve chamber and collapsed. A second member went in to rescue him and also collapsed. The third… Read more

Occupational exposure to hydrogen sulfide in the sour gas industry: some unresolved issues.

Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 1994;66(3):153-60. Occupational exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and the medical management of H2S-associated toxicity remains a problem in the sour gas industry and some other industrial settings. The acute effects of exposure to H2S are well recognized, but accurate exposure-response data are limited to acutely lethal effects, even in animal… Read more

H2S Alive Edition 7 Enform

Allstar Enviro Safety has been facilitating the H2S Alive Program for over 2 decades in Alberta. The development of this program was developed by petroleum industry Training Service or PITS as a means of education oil and gas personnel to the dangers of hydrogen sulphide gas. The toxic, flammable, explosive and corrosive gas was responsible… Read more

H2S Awareness Training

Hydrogen sulphide gas is an existing danger in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is likewise common in sewage systems, garbage dumps, barges, pig farms, muskegs, mines and pulp and paper mills Alberta is among the most hazardous locations on the planet for H2S. Various other locations where H2S prevails consist of much of Europe,… Read more