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Company Spotlight – Allstar Enviro Safety

Arliss Levine is the safety advisor, trainer, and consultant for Allstar Enviro Safety which is a Calgary-based safety training company. Servicing Western Canada since 2000, Allstar offers 15 different learning programs and over 600 online seminars to help their clients build robust occupational health and safety programs. Owing to their diverse assemblage of courses and… Read more

Employment Requirements to become a Mobile Aerial Work Platform Operator

A boom in oil and gas, construction, mining and warehousing has made a popular employment choice the area of driving a Mobile Aerial Work Platform. Operator should understand the variety of task they may be asked to do as well as their requirements. There are many general tasks that operators and material handlers might be… Read more

Alberta Transportation Training Requirements for Commercial Drivers

alberta transportation         # Alberta Transportation Requirements Including Safety Courses for Commercial Drivers In Alberta Alberta Transportation, a Government agency, emphasizes the importance of ensuring that commercial drivers in the province are properly qualified to do their job. In this article, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of these requirements and discuss why… Read more

Forklift and Counterbalanced Lift Truck Data Plates

The operational safety of your lift truck is a key feature of its drive ability. Most of the key information is on its data plate. Each manufacturer will include this information on the lift truck which should be clearly understood by the employers and their operators. Training on the load capacity, load centre and battery… Read more

The Professional Defensive Driving Program is now available online

Press release Contact: Arliss T E Levine, CRSP, CHSC,BA, NEBOSH IOGC, COR Auditor Company; Allstar Enviro Safety Contact: 403-214-1558 Contact email: Headline: The Professional Defensive Driving Program is now Available Online. We are excited to announce that the Online version of PDIC – the Professional Defensive Driving Program is now available online. This is… Read more


Price: $49.99 MORE INFO CRYSTALLINE SILICA FOR GENERAL INDUSTRY ONLINE COURSE OVERVIEW Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recorded that approximately 295,000 workers are exposed to crystalline silica. This is alarming as its a common mineral whose dust can lead to serious medical issues . Therefore, it is essential to limit its exposure to workers. This… Read more

Flag Person – Traffic Control Training

Safety is paramount when it comes to construction sites, and flag person training is a critical component of that. This type of training provides individuals with the necessary knowledge to properly manage traffic at construction sites, ensuring that everyone from workers to drivers remain safe. Flag person training is an essential part of any successful… Read more

Purchasing a Gas Detector Device

The need to ensure safety and health in all workplaces is essential. This can be accomplished through the purchase of a gas monitor, an electronic device that monitors air quality, ventilation systems, and hazardous gases. Gas monitors are designed to detect dangerous concentrations of combustible or toxic gases before they reach levels that could cause… Read more

H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide Gas) dangers in the Alberta Petroleum Industry

H2S is always a topical subject in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta as it tends to form in areas where the geological formation was covered by tropical seas. In Alberta, workers are exposed to hydrogen sulphide during drilling and production of natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products Therefore, employers must do a… Read more

Confined Space Entry Monitor Training

Confined Space Entry Monitor Safety Training is an important component of any successful safety program. It provides employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely monitor workers in confined spaces and protect them from potential hazards. This article will explain what Confined Space Entry Monitor Safety Training includes, why it is essential, and how… Read more