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Behaviour Based Safety Online Course

Behaviour-Based Safety Online Course
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Behaviour-Based Safety Online Course Overview
We all know that workplace incidents involving injuries are costly in terms of human loss and suffering as well as financially. With thousands of workplace fatalities and debilitating injuries reported in Canada and the United States every year, the costs keep rising. Yet inquiries into workplace incidents and near misses often reveal that the majority are foreseeable and preventable.

This online Behaviour-Based Safety course is designed to heighten awareness to at-risk situations and provide the tools necessary to change at-risk behaviours before they cause an injury in the workplace. After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of the factors that influence behaviour, the effect of different types of consequences on behaviour, how habits are formed and how to unlearn bad habits, what behaviour-based safety is, the four steps to changing behaviour, what makes an effective safety culture, and ways to improve the safety culture of an organization.

Behaviour-Based Safety Online Course Topics
This online Behaviour-Based Safety course covers the following topics:

The ABC Model of Behaviour
The Consequence Matrix
Factors that influence behaviours
How self-awareness impacts behaviour
Habit formation and the habit loop
Breaking bad habits
Building good habits
Behaviour-based safety
The “Do It” system
Types of safety cultures
Challenges to improving the safety culture
Tips and strategies to building an effective safety culture
Behaviour-Based Safety Online Course Duration
Approximately 75 minutes

Behaviour-Based Safety Online Assessment

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