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How to get in shape before working in Oil and Gas or Construction.1667093339

How to Get in Shape Before Working in Oil and Gas or Construction

How to get in shape before working in Oil and Gas or Construction

Getting a job in the oil and gas industry can be difficult without the right connections. Experienced workers tend to jump to the competition for higher pay, so it’s best to ask around for recommendations and make a personal connection. You can also try contacting smaller contractors in your area to find out if they will hire you. These companies may be more likely to hire you than larger corporations.

If you are applying to a job that requires a lot of physical work, you should start getting into shape. Field work can be very physical, and you should be in top shape to perform well. Some companies require applicants to take a fitness test before they are hired. Some of these tests involve lifting up to 50 pounds and going up and down stairs. If you are unsure about whether you are in shape enough to do these activities, you should seek medical advice from a doctor.

Another method is to get a personal trainer or a gym buddy to get into good physical condition before taking your fit test. Good activities include weight training, running on a tread mill, circuit training and crossfit. The reason that you should be in good shape is that lifting heavy loads, assembly line repetitive activities, opening up pipes, and demanding physical activities in a cold, outdoor environment can cause physical damage. Long term damage can occur, including rotator cuff injuries, back problems, head trauma, and amputations.

Companies expect that workers will be fit for duty, both physically and mentally. Drug problems are common, such as addictions to opiods, crystal meth and alcoholism, particularly when workers are in isolated places for long periods of time.

During COVID, mental illness and stress increased in the workforce. It can be difficult to handle family problems from a distance, when the worker cannot control their work schedule and are far away. Divorce rates, problems with childrearing and pet care, and money problems are quite common. Before taking on some of these jobs that take you away from home or friends for long periods of time, the prospective employee should consider how to have the most stable plan during their absence,

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